Monday, August 23, 2010

Ideas Aren't The Problem, It's The Timing

I have no shortage of ideas for projects. I have new ideas all of the time. The problem that I have is that I usually have these ideas in very inconvenient places or at very inconvenient times. For example, my best ideas come to me in one of four places:

- the shower
- while driving
- on the way to or at the park with my kids
- those last few moments before I fall asleep

The quick fix would be to have paper and a pen or a recorder on me at all times. I am lucky if I remember all of my kids when I leave the house. I do try to have a notebook or something useful to capture my thoughts, but it usually doesn't work the way I hope.

I also have the short term memory of a fruit fly, so trying to remember until I get to paper doesn't cut it. I remember to look for paper, but I can't recall what it was that I needed to write down. No joke.

I do keep a journal and pen next to my bed. Last time I needed it, my pen died halfway through taking my notes and I didn't have the energy to look for another pen. With three small kids, sleep is like quicksand, once I start down that road, I am done for - not that I would try to get out anyway.

Just one of the many challenges I face in my quest to get words on paper.

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